Beginner’s Guide to A Perfect Restaurant Sound System

The type of music and the quality of that music can help increase the amount of people that patronize your establishment while making the visit a memorable experience. It can even motivate your employees while they are there. What should you be looking for in a perfect commercial sound system to ensure that your customers enjoy their experience? Please read on to find out.

Audio Source

The music that you choose to play sets the energy for your establishment. Whether you play the same catchy song throughout the whole building or play a softer tune in the entry, the audio quality has to be crisp and clear. What determines that quality is your audio source. Even if you play music with the highest quality audio hardware, you will be able to tell if the audio source is quality. So what should you look for in an ideal audio source? The audio source is a music player. When shopping for your preferred audio source, look for affordable, high quality options or even consider upgrading your current audio source with a newer sound card.


The audio mixer controls the frequency of one or more audio signals. A mixer is optional when choosing your sound system. Audio mixing capabilities are sometimes built into a separate sound system component like the audio source or amplifier. A mixer is preferable if your establishment offers performances by a live band. When multiple audio sources need to be individually controlled, a mixer adjusts each audio source’s levels like a guitar’s volume, bass, tone, equalization and more. Don’t forget to consider the type of music that will be played when choosing your mixer. A live band with a handful of instruments will need a more complex mixer with more input channels to make sure each instrument’s audio can be best adjusted for it to be heard at its fullest potential.


The amplifier makes the signal from the audio source stronger. With an amplifier connected to your audio source (or mixer), people walking in the front door can have the same music experience as those seated in the back. The most important thing to take into account when looking for your ideal amplifier is the power behind the amplifier. The higher the amplifier’s wattage, the better performance outcome from the speakers. But amplifiers can range from 1 watt to thousands of watts. So how do you decide what wattage your amplifier should have? The best wattage guideline for commercial sound systems, for your patrons that are sitting in your establishment, is 5 watts per person.


The final component of a premium commercial sound system are the speakers you incorporate into the design. Speakers must be of great quality in order to ensure that your customers can enjoy the music you are playing. When choosing your speakers, consider the size, weight and placement of the speakers in your establishment. Different sized speakers produce different volume and sound quality. If the audio is heavier with more bass, choose a larger full range speaker. If you want each party to have their own experience, consider a smaller speaker that can be mounted over each table.

How we can help!

At JAVI A/V, we design, engineer, install and maintain quality audio and commercial sound systems all over the country. We partner with some of the nation’s Best in Class sound and audio retailers and manufacturers to give your customers the best in-store experiences. When you are ready to offer an exceptional commercial sound system, please contact us to connect with our experienced team who can achieve this for you.

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